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Climb in Lysekil with Outdoor West Sweden

Outdoor West Swden organizes comfortable and safe yet challenging experiences at the level you want: Kayaking, biking, hiking and climbing.

Would you like to try out sport climbing? We have an  'Introduction to top rope climbing' for kids, families, adults and mature youth.

Or chose one of our COMBO trips ranging 2-4 hrs, where you get to try top rope assisted sport climbing together with other disciplines.

Learn more about our trips here.

Advanced move for a first timer

Climbing on your own

Stångenäset peninsula with its many granite crags  (Brodalen, Hallinden, Lyse) has long been popular in the climbing coummunity.

Recently, the area near and in the town of Lysekil has also become known for its range of sports routes for beginners and intermediate climbers with very high accessability. Within Lysekil's municipality there are more than a thousand routes, belonging to different diciplines, and of all levels of difficulty.  (link in swedish only)

Climbing sometimes takes place in areas with wildlife sensitive to disturbance, and / or in private grounds, or in places that are shared with other practitioners of outdoor recreation. Therefore, it is important to take into account and concider the needs of plants, wildlife and other people. It is important to check the right of public access, climbing community's access recommendations and to respect any ban on climbing and other acess.

You can buy topos and climbing equipment from us on site in Lysekil. In addition, you can rent crash pads and helmets, things that are bulky to bring along on your holiday.

Types of Climbing

* Bouldering * Scrambling * Sport Climbing * Trad


Bouldering is the simplest form of rock climbing. Aim: to climb short but difficult "problems" .

Equipment: crash pad to secure your landing, climbing shoes and a bag of chalk/magnesium.

Social: Climb with a partner or on your own. It is one of the most social disciplines of climbing as you take turns "spotting" your mates and sharing beta. What you may need as a beginner is a topo/guide to find suitable crags and the "problems".

Training: none required, but potential for you to develop your skills  Advantages: no knots to learn, no helmets or harnesses to wear as the height is limited to just a few meters. 

Scramble & Climb Combo

Scrambling has been defined as "a walk up steep terrain involving the use of one's hands". 

It is an ambiguous term that lies somewhere between hiking and rock climbing.

Equipment: Good shoes with rubber soles is a good idea and helmet when exposed to falling rocks, * Training: none required * Advantages: no knots to learn, no helmets or harnesses to wear When we take our guests on our regular trips that include scrambling it is almost always on granite crags that are max 100 m high. The granite is often polished and smothened by ancient glaciers, and we use creases for fothold and when using the hands. 

Our level of difficulty ranges between easy and moderate (handholds frequently needed, possible exposure, route-finding skills helpful. UIAA Class II) Balance and small strides are vital techniques and there is always a possibility for participants to avoid the most exposed parts.

Climber and belayer

Outdoor Sport Climbing is performed  on crags/rocks.

Aim: ascent along a "route" with holds and cruxes

Equipment: The climber wears a harness, climbing shoes and often a chalk bag. (Helmets depending on circumstances. The person on the other side of the rope is belaying the climber wearing a harness. The (top) rope runs through permanent anchors fixed in the rock.

Sport climbing is a kind of bolted climbing - as opposed to traditional (trad) climbing.

Trad climbing

A climber or group of climbers place all gear required to protect against falls, and remove it when a pitch is complete. Traditional bolted face climbing means the bolts were placed on lead (when first climber is ascending) and/or with hand drills. 

Training: Quite a lot needed, and frequent use of your skills - but you will gain acess to more crags and more freedom to explore on your own.


upcoming climbing & scrambling trips:


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