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 Hiking at a fast or slower pace, between cultural monuments and nature reserves, among rock carvings, etc., along the waking trails called Kuststigen, Soteleden and Bohusleden.

Hiking = mixed terrain i.e. grass, gravel, forest trails and naked crags. Some parts of the trail can be more challenging as they are steep, rugged (uneven), slippery or otherwise demanding. As you leave the villages behind, you'll need sturdier shoes than sports sneakers. But even on more flat stretches, such as over meadows, it's a good trick to wear rubber boots or walking boots, especially if it has rained recently. Our bookable hikes are shown in the calendar at the bottom of this page.

Walking = slower pace, more stops and mostly prepared terrain. No requirement for special shoes. There may be stairs (ie not suitable for prams and the like).

For city walks and cultural tours on foot, by car/boat/bicycle - click here

between FJORDs & peninsulas

The municipality of Lysekil consists of a mainland part and an archipelago in the west and south. Most of the islands are small and uninhabited. The exceptions are Stora and Lilla Kornö and Gåsö, which have no permanent residents. Skaftölandet, which has a bridge connection to Uddevalla and a passenger ferry to Lysekil, has two villages with year-round service. The landmass is broken up into several peninsulas or isthmuses, called "näs", that are surrounded by fjords.

In the north, the municipal border runs towards Sotenäs in the Åbyfjorden, which is quite narrow. Härnäset is the northernmost peninsula of Stågenäset (which is the main body of land) and they are separated by the wider Brofjorden. On the south side of the Brofjord lies the Lysehalvön with Preem's oil refinery well embedded in nature. Between the Lyse Peninsula and the southwesternmost part of Stågenäset, the bay Trälebergskilen wedges its way in (kil=wedge).

Gullmarn (Sweden's only threshold fjord) lies east of Stågenäset, with Munkedal to the northeast and Uddevalla to the southeast. South of the city of Lysekil, at the mouth of the Gullmarsfjord, lies Skaftölandet with the Nordströmmarna, the inland waterway that connects Gullmaren with Orust (Swedens 3rd largest island) and Uddevalla.


Please note that salmon and sea trout fishing is only permitted from 1 April to 30 September. At least 45 cm, no trolling.

The nursery of the sea

The seabeds in the innermost part of the fjords are rich in sediments and are extremely important for both wading birds and marine organisms such as shellfish and newly hatched flatfish.

At a depth of a few meters, there are eelgrass beds which are extremely important for the small fish, and the rest of the food chain. You can see the eelgrass beds when you paddle across them in a kayak, or if you snorkel.

Common to all our fjords, and "kilar" (= small fjords wedging in) are also the typically Bohuslän semi-submerged coastal meadows where livestock can graze.

Meadow next to the fjord
Cobble stones are not allowed to move. Kornö

Nature reserves 

Within the municipality of Lysekil there are a total of 13 nature reserves! Here you can find everything from beech forests, mixed forest, shell banks and orchid meadows to rugged coastal landscapes with smooth polished granite cliffs and cobblestone fields.

The public right applies, but there may be exceptions and limitations. Therefore, check what applies in each NR that you intend to visit.

Regulations & service in nature reserves

Click on the name of the nature reserve to see what services in the form of toilets and parking spaces are available in each reserve. Also check which special regulations, so-called "föreskrifter", apply in each individual NR you intend to visit. (links in SE)

NR accessible by car:

Kuststigen, the Coastal Path passes through or is directly adjacent to all the above, but for Gullmarsskogen.

NR accessible only by (taxi)boat or kayak:

Wild honeysuckle along the Coastal path


The Coastal Path, Kuststigen, is a variation of coastal hiking trails and circular loops along the West Coast. It consists of both longer continuous and separate stages in a typical Bohuslän landscape that is characterized by sea and coast!

The Coastal Path takes you through wastelands, nature reserves and coastal villages, to high vantage points and points of interest. The level of difficulty varies greatly on different sections, as does the availability of toilets and other services.

Circular loops with easy walking conditions can be found in the town of Lysekil, Lyse Kulturstig, Brodalen, Näverkärrs NR on Härnäset and Vägeröd/Nothern Skaftölandet as well as in Gullmarsskogen's NR. But most of the time you have to go back to the starting point if you arrive by car.


Kuststigen in Lysekil municipality

Most stretches are graded either as moderate or difficult. From Nordens Ark (Åby) you go south, around the Åbyfjorden. With the Åbyfjord on your right,  you can choose to continue 2.5 miles south to Näverkärrs NR, at the southern end of Härnäset. From there you can order a taxi boat or pick-up if you don't want to walk all the way back. On the way there you pass Röe Gård with a café, food and accommodation and the stonemason community Fågelviken. 

If you choose to go east, towards Brodalen (shop/café all year round), you pass the Broälven NR and then walk along the "Via sacra" of  rock carvings in Backa, north of Brastad. LysekilGUIDE offers a number of different activities where you can learn more about petroglyphs and the Bronze Age. From Brastad (shop/café all year round) the Coastal Path continues along the Brofjorden via the village of Rixö and further along the Lyse peninsula and Trälebergskilen NR.

In Lysekil, the hiking trail runs along the spectacular Västerhavspromenaden, where you walk on a wooden footpath above a wild and inaccessible stretch of the coast. The coastal path then continues along the Strandpromenaden in Norra Hamnen (Northern Harbour), thru the old town, and on through Stångehuvud's NR.

The reserve, with its unique combination of smooth polished granite rocks and abandoned quarrying, exists thanks to a far-sighted woman, Calla Curman, who in the years 1917-1921 bought up the land and saved it from further exploitation. You can learn more about her and her husband, Carl Curman, on guided tours and city walks.

From the Havsbad area in southern Lysekil's urban area,  to continue on the Coastal Path, you take the passenger ferry across Gullmarsfjorden to Fiskebäckskil. On the Skaftölandet, the Coastal Path goes through the Vägeröd and Gröderhamnsängen nature reserves. In Grundsund there is a fantastic wooden structure to carry you over the rugged cliffs while enjoying the view over Gullmarn's inlet and the Gåsö archipelago.


Maps and descriptions of the Coastal Path, Kuststigen, through Lysekil municipality:

  • Pages 42-46 and 46-53 in the digital version of the printed booklet guide to Kuststigen (in Swedish only).
  • Online trail guide, sections 10-16, with gradings, elevation and up-to-date info



On some sections of the Coast Path, you can walk on your own between two bus stops. However, bus services are few and far between, and finding an appointment can be stressful. So, most of the time it can be an advantage to get a ride to your starting point or back to your hotel/guest port.

Our hiking guide can join you on an extra difficult section or take you to viewpoints and other things worth photographing or looking at. We can also help with equipment for outdoor cooking or transport your pack.

If you hike with a guide, you will also receive an orientation around the area and tips from us before continuing hiking on your own. "Hiking, an introduction to challenging sections of the Coastal Path", read more and book here.

Klingkyrka, en unik geologisk formation

On request

Guided hikes along sections of the Kuststigen, Soteleden and Bohusleden.

We can arrange packages with a hiking guide and boat transport to the nature reserves Ryxö, Stora Bornö, Kalven på Kornö and Gåsöskärgården. You can also order a boat taxi from Lysekil, e.g. via Fortuna or Sea 4 Fun.

To the islands Lilla & Stora Kornö (Klingkyrka in the picture), Gåsö and Stora & Lilla Bornö, you can also join us on a guided tour in steady tandem kayaks.

Special topics?

Do you need help to keep up the pace or hike a longer distance? Do you want help preparing outdoor cooking activities or make a larger group keep together? Or do you have a particular interest in caves, plants, birds or some other theme?

Theme-hiking: This is a collection of guided tours with different persons invited to guide on their favourite topic.


Hiking to the summit: SCRAMBLE to the hill fort

An adventure for all ages. You are bound to get a little dirty while having a lot of fun. Scrambling tour 2,5 hrs, medium difficulty as we walk in somtimes very rugged terrain with a lot of steep passages. (Alternative ways are available on some legs of the route.) A hill fort is supposed to be inaccessible to invaders and easy to defend. This one has all these qualities, and a great view as well. We will walk up and down on exposed cregs, along tree plantations and in mixed wood. We scramble up along the slanting rocks passing gorges and fissures. At the summit you can eat your snack/picnic and marvel at the view of great ships far out at sea. Scrambling is "a walk up steep terrain involving the use of one's hands". It is an ambiguous term that lies somewhere between trekking, hillwalking and rock climbing. Click the BOOK NOW! button to see dates, time and price categories for different departures. There will be no binding booking on your end until check-out is completed and you have authorized the amount payable. Your debet/credit card will not be charged until the required number of participants have booked. However, the booking amount will be authorized and blocked and if the booking request is confirmed we will charge the amount on your card.  You will get the PDF tickets by email once the booking request is confirmed. LOCATION: 10-15 mns (by car) off central Lysekil Season: April-November (all year, weather permitting) Level: Medium level of difficulty, but still soft adventure Requirements: 5-65 years No previous experience needed. Regular health and fitness. However:  No knee or feet issues. (arthritis etc.)   Must have adequate eye sight to hike in rugged terrain and confidently know where to put you feet and hands while walking and scrambling. Must be able to perceive oral instructions if windy. Children: Children and youth age 5-9 yrs are welcome accompanied by adults all year. The younger the kids, the more adults required. Pls choose "Private group/family" options after selecting date in order to get a group discount. Youth 10 yrs and older, can participate without adult company. Select the youth option. What’s included: Activity leader, (helmet) Bottled water Transport from Lysekil, Norra Hamngatan 6  What to wear/bring: Wear comfortable pants with long legs and bring a long-sleeved sweater for the forest walk. Shoes suitable for hiking (which stays on the foot and has a heavy sole that is not slippery on wet ground) (Bring, preferably in a backpack, potable water or other beverage and perhaps a snack/light meal) Duration: 2,5 hours total  Language: Bilingual Swedish/English Meal: Not included Optional picnic deal can be ordered at checkout Optional: Optional picnic deal: Cold tapas Transport options: Pick up on demand on either of these locations:  Havsbadsparken (with Guest Harbour)  Anderssons Kaj/Södra Hamnen  Luna Café (Gullmarsbaden and Löfgrens Camping) Siviks Camping Trellebystrands Camping . You may ride with us or drive behind us.  We will send you a Google Maps pin with exact data on the meeting point of the day. Soft adventure This is an activity with a medium level of difficulty. We have planned the tour with families in mind. If you suffer from vertigo there is always an optional route ahead. No previous climbing or trekking experience needed, but we assume regular helth and fitness level, but your knees and feet joints must be up to the job in rugged terrain...  

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Rock Art after dark

Join us on an exciting ride after dark. Some petroglyphs are best seen when it is dark. Especially the ones that aren't painted. With the right lighting, they can seem to float in the air. You will learn more about the Bronze Age, when the petroglyphs were made, and about the latest research into the trading contacts and world view of the Bohusländers. The world heritage site of Tanum (an hour's drive north) is certainly better known, but the petroglyph environment of Backa is unique. Here there are about 30 small and large premises within a small area along the old village road, which is often called the "Via Sacra of the Rocks". Here is the world's earliest documented petroglyph: The Shoemaker. There are also many unusual and some unique motifs here, and along the road there are also a number of outcrops that are not painted. Lökeberg (in Munkedal) is the largest rock carving panel in this area, and is exceptionally good for visits in the dark. Guide Wictoria has a keen interest in the Bronze Age and follows current research. With the help of the rock carvings' varied motifs, she gives you an insight into the world of thought, religion and everyday life of Bronze Age people. Must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. At least 4 participants (or a group). The guidance takes place in Swedish or English (with summaries in EN/SV if necessary). The guide has a voice amplifier and will bring several torches and headlights. A wheelchair/stroller ramp leads up to the main panel at Backa, which is surrounded by a wooden deck with seating.   Rock Art - after dark Season:   August-May (time varies, as the sun sets earlier or later)   Place A: Backa, Brastad (Lysekil municipality) Duration A: 60 min i Backa, ca 90 mins including transp fr Lysekil Place B:  Lökeberg, Munkedal (occasional) Duration B:   45 mins at Lökeberg panel, ca 3 hrs including transp fr Lysekil   Children: Recommended from 10 yrs Included: Hot beverages in Oct-March Minsta antal: 4 personer, senast 24 timmar innan avgång Preliminärbokning till dess.   At least 4 booked participants (or a group booking) no later than 24 hours before for the tour to be completed. A maximum of 7 participants per tour can ride with the guide. If you are a group with more participants, contact us. Can also be booked as "Private tour/viewing" and then there are more options in terms of choice of time, duration, transport etc. Then the activity can also be adapted to children aged 5 and over.

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City walk Lysekil 500 years in 2 hrs and 3 languages

Guided city walk Your debet/credit card will not be charged until the required number of participants have booked. However, the booking amount will be authorized and blocked and if the booking request is confirmed we will charge the amount on your card.  ​​​​​​​You will get the PDF tickets by email once the booking request is confirmed.

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