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Kayak rental

Basic models K1 or K2 are available on 2 or 3 slots per day. Touring kayaks K1,2,3 can be rented up to 7 days.

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Kayak rental in Lysekil, Outdoor West Sweden

Stable and easy-to-maneuver kayaks that are suitable for beginners and inexperienced paddlers can be booked in our Kayakomat. Kayaks with room for two children or a dog can be booked here. We also have slightly sharper kayaks for the experienced sea kayaker who wants to be out all day or paddle longer. Call about this. Many waterways/fairways Please note that Lysekil is exposed to the elements, and that you must be very careful and attentive when passing over, or along, the many fairways around the Stångehuvud nature reserve. Past Stångehuvud runs the "maritime E6 fairway" and other waterways run between Lysekil's commercial harbour and the open sea. There are also fairways on all sides of Stora Kornö. All fairways must be passed with a reasonable margin of safety and without unnecessarily obstructing other traffic. Above all, you can't count on boaters to see you kayaking, even though they should be on the lookout. Better wait, than take a chance! If you are unsure of your ability to handle the kayak or are paddling with children, we recommend a guided kayak tour or that you stay close to land, east from Norra Hamnen (ie on Saltö Fjord, south Saltö, east Stora Skeppsholmen). Kayaks are handed over at a time that we agree with the renter. Booked at least 6 hours in advance. This is always included: kayak, paddle, chapel and oars.    

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Outdoor equipment rental in Lysekil, Outdoor West Sweden

With us you can rent different sorts of outdoor equipment

Please note that we have limited opening hours and that all equipment is booked online in advance.

Examples of what we rent out are shown below. Then, bookable products follow the same order..


  • 1/2 day, full day
  • 3-21 gears/speed
  • MTB



  • 1/2 day, full day (life jacket, paddle and spray deck inluded)
  • 2-7 days (life jacket, paddle and spray deck inluded)
  • single K1 (various models) and tandem kayaks K2
  • Accessories: paddle jacket and pants, dry suit  etc


  • crash pad
  • helmet