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We love being in nature. But we are not fond of hardships. It should bring pleasure, joy and maybe some challenges, but most of all nature should be a fun and a pleasant experience.

Our ambition is that everyone should be able to participate in our activities, without the requirement of previous experience and without being well-trained or used to outdoor activities. We strive to make it easier for people to get out into the wild and appreciate what CNN Travel has designated "one of the world's 10 most beautiful archipelagos”. 


It's more important to enjoy than paddle far or fast


In 2004 Wictoria & Fredrik met and started hiking and kayaking together. Now we have a total of more than 30 years experience of running paddling tours all year round in the waters around Lysekil.

We started to do kayaking tours in 2005, then our daughter was born in 2006 and we changed our focus. For two summers we rented kayaks. We then realized that our guests would have a better experience if we guided them through the archipelago. So again we changed focus back to guided tours. During the trips we talk about life from the past and present in the archipelago and serve traditional local food. 

Our motto became: "It's more important to enjoy - than to paddle far or fast!"


It's more important to enjoy than to climb high

Families want fun

Lysekil is a travel destination with maritime experiences, good dining and outdoor life for couples, families and active mature youth.

Since 2011 we offer activities and equipment suitable for all ages. Our range of family-adapted activities has grown in parallel with the growth of our daughter. She and her friends have been given the opportunity to test what the limits are for how difficult and how long unaccustomed children and young people can keep up.

We now have designated activities for children and their extended families doing kayaking, scrambling, hiking and rock climbing together.


När det är viktigare att njuta ... än att klättra högst


Since 2013, we have been working on developing bolted climbing routes in Lysekil's urban area. We cater for both the locals' and tourists' needs for easy access climbing in areas that are not sensitive or difficult to access.

We are active in the local climbing club and help the youth business with equipment, belaying and development of new climbing sectors and routes.We also help out at school holiday activities and give a ride to the children / young participants. 

As active participants when the club is giving the Bird life organisation a hand with banding and observations of endagered birds of prey we also donate to Nordens Ark wild life park as a sponsor host.


Outdoor West Sweden - a part of Bohuslan


Since 2016, we work under the brand Outdoor West Sweden. We now have a warehouse shop near our kayak launch site in the Northern Harbour (Norra Hamnen) which facilitates kayak rental and kayaking trips. All activities are scheduled and are to be booked online as we run a cash free operation with flexible and varying opening hours.

Wictoria is trained as an authorized tourist guide and started Lysekil GUIDE in 2013, which is now a separate brand within the company. She is specialized in local heritage, such as herring and canning industries, bronze age and rock carvings, and the granite industry.


Point 65 kajakcentre Lysekil

Point 65 Kayak Center

We have worked with Point 65 kayaks since 2014 and have tested several models for both rental and guided tours. After many years of experimentation, we have found kayak models that fit the somtimes challenging kayaking conditions around Lysekil. These models are used for rental and when we have guided tours and group events in all weather - all year round. 

We are proud to become an official member of the Point 65 team of rental centers. We will also be selling both regular and modular kayaks.  And we are looking forward to further collaboration with Nigel Foster, designer of world class kayaks and paddles for Point 65.

Marine debris in the Gullmarn fjord


Safety, comfort and enjoyment are our keywords when planning and conducting our tours. Summarized into one word: consideration. We obey safety regulations, but we do put in a lot of different considerations, such as balancing the comfort and enjoyment of our guests, without impairing on other nature dwellers' comfort and the wellbeing of Nature itself, and being beneficial to the local community. We engage in local associations and other collaborative projects.

Removing plastic out of the sea on our kayak trips, participating in garbage picking along the coast and in the areas where we cycle and climb are actions to remedy what others have failed, although rewarding on a personal level. Recycling and active choices are some of our methods to minimize our own global foot print. This is a journey in progress.

Outdoor West Sweden - en del av Bohuslän


We run a part time business because we enjoy it, and for the enjoyment of others. As we are residents in central Lysekil we can offer simpler accommodation, bookable activities and private tours - all year round. If we go abroad, our family prefer climbing in Provence, Malta or Kalymnos (Greece). Calculate your own trip's climate footprint.

We are passionate about getting more people to experience the best of Bohuslän and Lysekil! 

THANKS for giving us the trust and opportunity to bring full-year, interim, and temporary visitors on adventures at sea and on land.

Wictoria Insulán & Fredrik Lundqvist


Some of our  long time partnerships:

  • VANN Spa Hotell och Konferens link
  • Strandflickorna Hotell och Vandrarhem link
  • Trellebystrands Camping länk
  • Lysekils Klätterklubb /CLIMB Lysekil (non-profit) länk (SE only)

Sustainable travel

- or just as good as possible? Calculate your own trip's climate footprint.

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