Private group (2-5 ppl): Introduction to Rock Climbing (granite)

From SEK 3'700

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During a 2 hour workshop you will get an introduction into the equipment and techniques for top rope climbing on the classical Bohuslän granite. If you have climbed before we will adapt the activity to your level.

The climbing will take place on the day and time that best suites you
  • Recommended for 2-4 people (beginners)
Depending on the size of the group, your previous experience and the location we choose for the day, each participant will get to climb at least 2-3 routes of increasing difficulty if you are a maximum for four participants. If you are five or six people you will most likely climb 2 routes each. Perhaps some of you will have the time to climb more since it can vary how much climbing everyone in the group feels like doing.

If your group wants to climb for more than 2 hours we recommend that you order additional time when in the check-out. If you have climbed before you are more likely to have the time to try more routes than if you are all beginners. If your group wants to climb for longer: book 30 or 60 minutes additional time as an option during the check-out. If you book 60 minutes extra, the equiment for up to 8 people is included.

If you are 6-8 people there will be more waiting in between the climbing, but it also means more time for you to socialize in the group. If you want to climb more routes and more effectively we recommend you to book the Private group (5-10 ppl): Introduction to Rock Climbing (granite) since you will then have two climbing instructors.

If you are an even larger group in need of more instructors, contact us for an offer.

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From SEK 3'700

+3 Additional options

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After deciding on a day and a time for the activity we plan the climbing together while considering the constellation of the group. After you make your booking with an advance payment we reserve the equipment and the guide for you. A few days before the activity we decide on a preliminary location - but it all depends on the weather. We will therefore contact you a few hours before the activity to give the final information on where we will meet by sending you a pin on Google Maps.

If we need to cancel the activity beacuse of rain the whole amount, except for the deposit, will be refunded. 


We provide, for a maximum of 5 people:
  • One guide, rigging the ropes and belaying
  • Climbing shoes, helmet, harness
  • Add an additional 30 minutes
  • Add an additional 60 minutes