Lysekil GUIDE

- your guide to sea and rock, herring and granite, history, adventures and experiences in Lysekil, Stångenäset and in the  "Granite kingdom". 


  • Stone quarrying and masonry
  • Herring industry
  • Petroglyphs / Rock art
  • Seaside resort era
  • Nature and city walks in Lysekil

We make the cultural heritage come alive

All year round, in all weather

  • on foot (walking or mor strenuous hikes)
  • bike
  • car or bus
  • boat

Guiding missions and Bookable Tours

We love sharing the best and most beautiful we know:

Bohuslän's unique nature and our local heritage
We guide tourists, school classes and friends, associations and companies - all year round, in all weather
Here are a number of complete tours on Stångenäset, Skaftö and Lysekil. Time and content can be varied depending on the group's interest and size. If you are looking for something further, the trip can be modified as desired. Get inspired!


ON FOOT – slow pace

Baderskan – Havsbadsområdet, 45-60 min

Skepparen – Gamlestan och centrum, 45-60 min

Kulturvandring – arkitektur och konst i centrum, 45-60 min

Lysekil 500 år på 2 timmar

Hällristningar i Backa, 45-60 min

Vikarvets museum och Havsbadsområdet, 1-2 timmar

Vingårdsvandring, 45-90 min


TREKKING – easy, stairs 

Skomakaren  och andra hällristningar i Backa,  60-90 min

Stångehuvud i Calla Curmans fotspår, 45-90 min



Stenhuggaren, Stångehuvud, natur och stenhuggeriepoken, 1-2 timmar

Industriarbetaren, Lysekils 1900-talshistoria, 1-2 timmar

Fjordar och Fjälla, 3 mycket olika naturreservat på 4 timmar

Skaftö runt med guide, 3-4 timmar



Kapare, kaptener och Kornöbor, 3-5 timmar


See Lysekil from the sea

Take a guided trip to one of the islands in our lovely archipelago. Take a slower cruise in quieter waters or experience the spark's sparkling and waves splashing on the way to Stora or Lilla Kornö.
Privateers, Captains and Kornö islanders

- boat + hiking with Lysekil GUIDE
A boat trip through Lysekil's northern archipelago. Join a breathtaking beautiful trip in the border between nature and culture, truth and poem, dream and reality.
To: Stora Kornö, hiking 4 km, geology, history and scorches
Ordering trip, 4-12 passengers, 3-5 hours



Hällristningsresa på 4 hjul

Rock carvings - petroglyphs

During the Bronze Age, the sea level was 10-15 meters higher than today. Rock carvings are found in the old farms around Lyse, Brastad and Bro churches.
The rock carvings in Backa belong to the earliest discovered in Sweden. Here is life of the past: horse and ox drawn carriages, sun symbols, wild and domestic animals and ships from different ages.

Tur: Skomakar'n och andra hällristningar

Tur: Hällristningsresa på 4 hjul (bil/buss)

Tur: Hällristningsresa på 2 hjul (cykel)


Granite industry - expansion and collapse

During a very limited period, demand for cut-out granite grew rapidly. When the economic crisis struck in full force around 1932, about 50% of the working population in Brastad's municipality was dependent on the stone industry!
We travel around preserved company environments and quarries and live life during the epoch that most affected the landscape AND mentality ...


Tur: Hugget i sten 

Tur: Stenhuggaren 




Gamlestan, the old borough

The oldest, more permanent settlement was built here, right next to the water, in the end of the 16th century. Here, all the fishermen and ships of the city lived when Bohuslän became Swedish and until Lysekil became a borough in1836.

TUR: Skepparen (tema Lysekils grundläggning och tiden som skepparsamhälle,  Kungsgatan och Gamlestan - 45 min)

Kungsgatan - rikedomar från sill, sten och sjöfart

Most houses along the new posh street, Kungsgatan,  were not built until the latter half of the 19th century. Along this was the new bank house, hotel, Stadsparken, telegraph station, town hall / townhouse and magnificent private homes.

TUR: Lysekil 500 år på 2 timmar - stadsvandring 7 km


We show some of the buildings, summer cottages, boarding houses and bathing facilities from the sea resort era. The big cold bathhouse is still there, as is the sea resort restaurant and the house for the genty's social gatherings in the old seaside park.

TUR: Baderskan ( i Havsbadsområdet - 45 min)


Under 1900-talet går Lysekil från att vara ett skepparsamhälle till att bli en utpräglad industristad med allt vad det innebar. Detta tema förtjänar en egen tur, som kan göras till fots eller ännu hellre, med hjälp av cykel.

TUR: Stångehuvud i Calla Curmans fotspår (medelsvår fotvandring - 45 min)