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Outdoor West offers guided tours 2 - 4 (6) hours, in calm waters near the town Lysekil. Our outdoor equipment is adapted to beginners and intermediate paddler without previous experience from ocean kayaking. Furthermore we will spice up your experience with local flavours, both local food and local lore.

Our tour leaders and guides love sharing their devotion to the county of Bohuslän: the rugged crags, fjords, salty meadows and the sea. We invite you to discover the best of Bohuslan: the food, the people and one of the world's 10 most beautiful archipelagos.



Our guided tours are booked online. Departures (time and day of the week) may vary depending on the season. Would there be contradictory information at any time, it is the booking system that takes precedence.

  • For more info on each activity: click the BOOK NOW! button
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  • There will be no binding booking until the payment procedure is completed and basket has been checked out. 



  • Winter season: mid October - mid (-late) May
  • Summer season: mid (-late) May - mid October 
  • Normally we use K2/tandem kayaks with 2 separate cockpits, as a means of pfoviding optimum stability and seating comfort. Would you prefer to paddle alone in a K1/single kayak you can book this as an addon for a small surcharge.
  • Our 4 hour tours are designed for participants that look for a combination of leisurely paddling and getting to know the local culture. On tours that are longer than 3 hours a complimentary outdoor meal is an imortant feature of the tour.
  • Short tours (2 or 4 hours) are suitable to everyone, regardless of previous kayaking  experience.
  • A prerequisite for participation on longer tours (5-6 hours) is that you have enough previous experience of kayaking to assess that you are able to spend a few hours sitting still in a kayak in addition to a regular level of fitness.
  • Security, care and enjoyment are key words when we plan our activities and trips. Every tour starts with a breefing and safety demonstration.


Kayak with guide: FISHERMEN AND FRIENDS (drysuit & outdoor meal)

A winter season kayak tour with guide can be magical! Going thru thin sheets of ice on a sunny day is a marvellous experience. Lysekil's harbours are almost always free of ice, but we may find it in a remote bay. Imagine crystal clear waters and no noise!  Marvel at the pristine seascape of the Swedish west coast. Theme: Fishermen and friends (called FISKAREN in Swedish) Some times a curious seal will follow our tracks - observing us. The guide will tell you more about fishermen, seals and life along the rugged coastline throughout the tour. And during a short break on some distant isle you will be served hot fish soup while stretching your legs. Usually the tour goes Saturday morning. If the weather does not allow this, the tour can be moved to Sunday, if this suits the booked participants. Click the BOOK NOW! button to see dates, times and price categories for different departures. There will be no binding booking until check-out is completed. Can also be booked at a different time than our scheduled departures. When booking "Private tour" there are more options, for example in terms of choice of time, duration, transport, overall theme, outdoor cooking etc. For other bookable guided kayak tours, click here  Location: Various* locations in the Lysekil area Season: October-May Recommended for:   Everyone (Soft Adventure) Requirements: Regular health, able to swim 200 meters 16 yrs, min 160 cm tall  What’s included: Guide, seat in a shared K2 kayak, life jacket, spray deck, paddle, outdoor meal, drysuit (with optional use of gloves and hood) What to bring:  Headgear, reinforcement garments and gloves for the break, sunglasses, (retainer for glasses), drink (to store on top of kayak) Duration: 4 hours with a break (3hrs seated) Language: Bilingual Swedish/English Meal: Hot fish soup with beverage Optional: Single seating in K1 Kayak Families with children aged 5-15 yrs are recommended to book our tour Seal Safari in stead.  * As this tour is also offered to guests staying at the neighbouring hotels, we change location first of all to an area that is pleasant to paddle in regard to prevailing weather conditions, secondly to a location near where the guests are staying.

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Enjoy the beautiful granite crags that surround lovely Lysekil! A steady sea kayak and a guide that tell you tales about Lysekil's past and present will make you apreciate the scenery even more!  You will be paddling in one of the world’s most beautiful archipelagos (according to a recent CNN Traveler listing). Theme: City and Nature The guide will stop at regular intervals to let participants have a rest and to tell you about the surroundings. Families with children age 5-10 are recommended to book a morning departure if possible, as the sea is often calmer during morning hours. Click the BOOK NOW! button to see dates, times and price categories for different departures. There will be no binding booking until check-out is completed. LOCATION: LYSEKIL Northern and Southern Harbours and the Stångehuvud Nature Reserve            Season: May-September  Recommended for:   Everyone (Soft Adventure),  (Friday evenings minimum 16 years) Requirements: Regular health Children Children age 5-15 yrs, when accompanied by at least one adult each. (Min. 16 yrs on Friday evenings) What’s included: Guide, seat in a shared K2 kayak, with spray deck, paddle and life jacket. What to bring:  (Headgear, sunglasses, retainer for glasses, 0.5L flask with water) Duration: 2,5 hours  (2 hours seated) Language: Bilingual Swedish/English   Meal: None Add-on: Single seating in K1 Kayak Opitonal:         Bring your own ocean kayak and join the guided tour.    

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Sea kayak tour: HERRING HERITAGE

Kayak tour sutiable for beginners, running in calm, sheltered waters in one of the world’s most beautiful archipelagos (according to a recent CNN Traveler listing). You’ll find yourself in “Wilderness light”, after only a few minutes of paddling. Smooth granite crags on one side and the North Sea on the other. Learn more about herring (Clupea harengus) and its importance to the Bohuslan region in the past - and enjoy an open-air herring meal trying out different flavours. A stable sea kayak (double seating) lets you enjoy the moment even more! Click the BOOK NOW! button to see available dates, time and price categories for different departures. There will be no binding booking until your basket check-out is completed. LOCATION: LYSEKIL Saltö fjord (north of the Northern Harbour) (If there is too much wind at sea, we will relocate the trip to protected waters further inland.) Season: May-October  Recommended for:   Anyone (almost) aged 16 and older Some departures from 13 yrs Level: Soft Adventure Easy, suitable for beginners Requirements: Regular health, able to swim 200 meters You should not have long-term problems in the shoulders or arms and be able to be sit upright in a kayak for at least 75 minutes consecutively.  Min age 13 yrs and min 160 cm tall What’s included: Guide, seat in a shared K2 kayak, life jacket, spray deck, paddle, outdoor meal What to bring:  Headgear, reinforcement garments for the break, sunglasses, (retainer for glasses), potable water (0.5L, can be placed on top of kayak) Duration: 4 hours total (2.5 hours seated in the kayak) Language: Bilingual Swedish/English Meal: A selection of herring with different flavours  (veg(etari)an option available) Alcohol-free beverage for lunch included Optional add-ons: Dry suit (beginning and end of summer season) Single seating in K1 Kayak Families with youth and children can book  the family kayak tour Seafood à la granite.(4hrs) or City paddling (2.5 hrs) or a Private tour that is tailored to your wishes.

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Sea kayak: PRIVATE Trip

Time to unwind and recharge your batteries - or speed up and challange your friends. Our PRIVATE TOURS start where and when you prefer.  Our guide will escort you to the  nicest beaches, the narrowest passages and the best places to watch birdlife or seals. Feel free to get inspiration from our regular tours and make it a special occasion for you and your friends/family/workgroup etc. Use K2 tandem or K1 single kayaks.  However, a stable sea kayak and dry suit during the winter months October- mid May makes you enjoy the moment even more! NB! We need your booking inquiry at lest 48 hrs prior to your ETD.  

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Kayak: Sea food à la granite (Family tour)

Unwind and ENJOY SAVORY BLUE MUSSELS  Bring your kids, grandma or best friends along on this highly comfortable culinary tour in steady kayaks. If you apreciate peace and quiet, good food, a short and comfortable paddling in a spectacularly beautiful nature this is the tour for you! Indulge and enjoy the best of Bohuslän Preparing the blue mussels togehter and enjoying this culinary treat is a major part of this tour. But it is equally important to enjoy the scenic views and good company. This is soft adventure, slow food, nature and family gathering all brought into a 4 hour tour. Relaxing The kayaks are comfortable and stable. The pace is low and adapted to beginners and we stay close to the shore when there are kids participating. The guide will give you paddling advice and will also tell you about local customs, lore and the marine life. Explore the island, or stay behind to cook, play, socialize and enjoy yourself. Blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) with accessories will be served with non-alcoholic beverage. You are welcome to bring your own "fancy" meal beverage, if desired. Optional add-on: Would you like us to replace the mussels with other marien delicatessen you may chose among: Nephrops Norvegicus (langoustine or Norwegian lobster) or Pandalus Borealis (Northern Prawn) or Cancer Pagurus (Edible Crab.) This will incur an extra fee as the price of seafood fluctuates. We will contact you on the day of the tour for a final decision when we present you with the going price that day. Click the BOOK NOW! button to see dates, time and price categories for different departures. There will be no binding booking until check-out is completed. Minimum number of participants is required on some departures. The booking amount will be reserved from your debit card, but the amount will not be deducted until we confirm your booking. Then a PDF ticket will be sent via email. Area: LYSEKIL  Saltö fjord, waters north of the Northern Harbour  Season: May-September Level: Family Fun / Soft Adventure Easy, suitable for beginners Recommended for: Families (2 or 3 generations)  Beginners prefering a short trip and an intense expereince of Bohuslan's food culture and nature Groups with varying paddle expereince who just want to spend time together Requirements: Regular health. Adults need to be able to swim 200 m. An adult who is going to paddle with children in the same kayak must be strong enough / used to paddling, to handle a long K2 kayak in moderate wind. That is, you must not have long-term problems with arms or shoulders. Min age 3 yrs  Included: Seating in a K2-kayak, sharing with other participants or the tour leader, life jacket, spray deck and paddle. Guide, outdoor meal  and non-alcoholic meal beverage (water/beer) Bring this: Min 0.5L of potable water (to be stored on top of the kayak) (sun-glasses, with lanyard) (additional beverage of your choice) Duration:  Max 4 hours total (out of these max 1.5 hrs in the kayak) Children: Min 3 yrs (conditions apply) Family discounts avalilable on some departures (amount and age requirements etc will show up when initiating a booking) Meal: Blue mussels with condiments and a non-alcoholic meal beverage (water/beer) Add-ons:        Your chioce of seafood (the daily price fluctuates) Your own K1 single kayak


We offer rental service for shorter and longer tours paddling on your own. If you are have no previous experience of sea kayaking we suggest you join a guided tour, or book a crash course.  Book your kayak rental here.

Please note that the coastal weather can change in an instant. The direction of wind and waves can change during a short break, especially at mid day. Do not over estimate your own skills and the ability to handle emergencies among companions At least one person in every party ought to have experience in leading and execute rescue and recovery procedure of a companion that has capsized. Adjust your route in accordance with the level of proficiency of the least experienced member of your party.




As we are situtated on the tip of a peninsula with only a few skerries between us and the North Sea Lysekil can be eposed to foul weather. This means that we sometimes have to relocate the time or place of departure for a guided tour in order to keep our guests comfortable and confident. It is always the activity leader who has the ultimate say whether to abort or cancel an activity.

Our ambition is to always be able to offer an alternative activity that is less weather depending. One such example is offering kayaking for climbing guests if there is a light rain, or offering cykling or climbing to kayakers if the wind is to strong. Such alterations however are always communicated in advance.