A comfortable, yet challenging, adventure for all ages. Scrambling in nature typical to Bohuslän takes you to the summit and a great view on this (family-friendly) 4 hours tour. Whether you have previous experience of (indor/outdoor) climbing, or none, this is a tour for everyone that prefer team effort and pleasure over performance. 
After an outdoor lunch break you will get an introduction to top rope belayed climbing.

Scrambling is "a walk up steep terrain involving the use of one's hands". It is an ambiguous term that lies somewhere between trekking, hillwalking and rock climbing. On this tour there is always an optional route passing a curx or an exposed passage. But you will get an opportunity to challenge your comfort zone, if you want. There are several climbing routes of varying level of difficulty.

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LOCATION: 10-15 mns off central Lysekil
Season: April-November
Recommended for: Everyone (no matter previous experience)
Requirements: 7-70 years
No previous experience needed
Regular health and fitness, however:

No knee or feet issues. (arthritis etc.)  
Must have adequate eye sight to hike in rugged terrain and confidently know where to put you feet and hands while walking and climbing.
Must be able to perceive oral instructions when windy.
Children: Children and youth age 7-15 yrs are welcome accompanied by adults all year. The younger the kids, the more adults required. Pls book the "Private goup" option after selecting date.
On some departures, youth 10 yrs and older, can participate without adult company. Select the youth option.
What’s included: Guide
Borrow climbing shoes, helmet, harness
Outdoor lunch with beverage.
Meal: Goulash soup with bread (veg alt availble)
What to wear/bring: Wear comfortable pants with long legs and bring a long-sleeved sweater for the forest walk.
Shoes suitable for hiking (which stays on the foot and has heavy sole that is not slippery on wet ground) and preferably backpack (possibly with extra water and snacks).
Duration: 4 hours total 
Language: Bilingual Swedish/English
Transport options
(book in advance):
Pick up on demand on either of these locations: 
  • Havsbadsparken (with Guest Harbour) 
  • Anderssons Kaj/Södra Hamnen 
  • Luna Café (Gullmarsbaden and Löfgrens Camping)
  • Siviks Camping
  • Trellebystrands Camping .
You may ride with us or drive behind us (we can also send you a Google Maps pin with exact location) to the venue of the day.
  • There is a  required number of participants for each occasion/departure to run. Your payment will be reserved, but not collected until that number is met.
  • If there are not enough bookings at the cut-off time your booking will automatically be cancelled and any payment will be refunded .
  • Cut-off for activities 7AM-2PM: before 5 PM(17.00) day before.
  • Cut-off for activities 2.30-7PM: before 11 AM(11.00) same day.
Soft adventure
This is an activity with a low to medium level of difficulty. We have planned the tour with families in mind. If you suffer from vertigo there is always an optional route ahead. No previous climbing experience needed, but we assume regular helth and fitness level, but your knees and feet joints must be up to the job.
Safety, comfort and delight are key words when we organise our activities.

Additional Information

Depending on prevailing weather conditions the departure time and/or location may be subject to change, or the tour may be cancelled altogether. If cancelled, we will reimburse the entire amount, minus a small administration fee. However it is our ambition to offer an alternative activity. For instance, if rocks are to wet for climbing we may offer you a MTB-adventure. If so, you will be reimbursed any price difference, except for a small administration fee. Please note that it is always the tour leader/guide of each activity that has the final say, after communication with the participants or group leader.

Assembly 10-15 minutes prior to start time at our premises at 6, Norra Hamngatan in Lysekil. Either you go with us in our minivan, or you follow us in your car. We can also send you a Google pin showing the exact location of the suggested parking space.

The exact venue of this activity is dependent on the level of moist in the forests, fileds, and on the crags and summits, as well as the age of participants and their and level of fitness. Furthermore we change location in order not to disturb wildlife while mating and feeding their young. Recent rains may make it necessary to shorten or lengthen the walking distance with may differ between 3-6 kms.

Depending on prevailing weather conditions time and/or location may be subject to change, or the tour cancelled altogether, or we will offer you an alternative activity. It is always the tour leader/guide of each activity that has the final say, after communication with the participants or group leader.


  • Try Scrambling
  • Introduction to Top rope climbing
  • Hiking in rough terrain
  • Outdoor lunch with spectacular veiw


  1. 6, Norra Hamngatan, Lysekil