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Enjoy the sunset and Lysekil by night!
As the sun sets northwest of Lysekil everything calms down. Boats are fewer and the colours are magnificent.
The guide will give you an introduction to paddle techniques and navigation in darkness and assist your entering and alighting the kayak. For safety reasons the age limit is 13 years and minimum 160 cm. You will paddle in a steady tandem kayak. Starting late september we will offer drysuits.

* Sunset
From late June the sun sets earlier every week and our departures will start earlier  as days get shorter.  Normally this tour will run to Havsbadsparken and the guest harbour on the southern side of the peninsula. On the way we pass the spectacular Stångehuvud Nature reserve. If the group wants we may head out into the archipelago. The wind direction, speed and the wave amplitude will limit what is possible.
* Bioluminescense
By mid August chances to experience bioluminiscencent algea increases. They will glow as water is swirling around the paddle blades. Some nights it's sparkling, other nights nothing at all. There is no way of telling in advance. We'll head out as the sun is about to set, returning  when it's pitch dark. As bioluminescence is hard to see  when it is windy we recommend you to add the 48 hrs cancellation insurance.
* Full moon 
On the night of the full  moon, and the evening before and after you may enjoy a magical hour at sea and a walk that awakens your senses.

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  • As both the full moon and bioluminescence tours depend on fairly clear skies and only light wind we recommend you to add the 48 hrs cancellation insurance. If weather conditions are not favourable we will refund the tour cost (but not the insurance fee) if we have to cancel the tour. 
  • When you book this activity we will we only authorize the full amount on your credit card. Once the required number of participants have booked we will charge your credit card.
  • If the required number of participants is not met 24 hours prior to departure, the authorized amount will automatically be released and your booking cancelled.
You may bring your own kayak on this tour, if you have previous experience  of ocean kayaking.
Would you prefer daylight paddling, choose City Paddling instead (morning, day and early evening)  


Location: LYSEKIL Norra Harbour with Stångehuvud Nature Reserve or Saltö fjord
Duration: 2-2.5 hours (max 2 i n the kayak)
Breaks: Several short breaks without leaving the kayaks
Level: Novice, beginner or unfamiliar with ocean kayaking
Requirements: Regular health and arm strength
Bioluminicence/full moon departures:
No night vision or balance problems.
Age: 13-70
Season: June-October
Included: Guide, seat in a shared K2 kayak, with spray deck, paddle and life jacket.
Lanterns (source of light that is worn on your head or attached to the kayak).
Bring: Safety cord for your glasses
Youth: Youths (min 13 years old, min 160 cm) share the tandem kayak with an accompanying paying adult. 
Lanuage: Bilingual Swedish/English
Meal: Not included
Opitonal:         Bring your own ocean kayak and join the guided tour.
But you must be well acquainted  with ocean kayaking in that kayak.

Rescheduling or cancellation

If we/the organiser (OWS) must cancel a booking (due to unfavourable weather conditions) we will contact you to reschedule to another day/time. Would you choose to rebook to another activity the remaining balance will be debited from you card (but only if the new activity costs more).
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  • We will help you to change time, day or even choose another activity without extra charge. The balance will be either be remitted to or debited from your debit/credit card.
  • Would you need to cancel any one of the participants, or the entire activity - please contact us min 2 or 48 hours respectively, prior to departure. When we have confirmed by phone, you send us an email and we will transmit the refund (except the insurance fee).


From SEK 750

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The tour will normally start at the Northern Harbour. We paddle at a leisurely pace towards Stångehuvud's nature reserve. If the weather permits, we continue towards the Havsbadet area and the Southern Harbour.

After a safety breifing the guide will help you adjust the gear. When all paritcipant's kayaks are launched you will get a paddle technique crash course and off we go.  Upon returning everyone will help eachother to rinse the kayaks and hang gear to dry before we part company.

Soft adventure

We have planned the tour so that previous experience of kayaking is not necessary. Safety, comfort and enjoyment are our guiding principles.



  • Steady sea-kayaks let you enjoy the ride
  • Extraordinary  opportunity
The city of Lysekil is most beautiful from the sea. 
Welcome to join us!


  1. Norra Hamngatan 6, Lysekil