CLINIC: Kayak capsize and rescue techniques

Can you assist a capsized peer? Are you proficient in self rescue? 

This is a good preparation for anyone who plan on taking a kayak tour on open waters along the Swedish West Coast. Whether you are a novice or has done a lot of paddling in confined waters, the natural swells and the waves stirred up by passing motor boats is a a very good reason to acquire and practice various techniques for self and peer rescue. You never know when you will need these skills, either as participant in a group or as beeíng the most experienced among peers. 

Once you have acquired these skills you will be an asset to any kind of kayaking activity, whether in a group of peers, with a single friend or on a guided tour. We recommend taking this clinic every few years, as repetition is the mother of learning. 

Have you already taken the class indoors? Good! But these skills need to be kept up to date and practiced regularly. Now it is time to practice outdoors. With our offshore location it is easy to modify the conditions, would you like to have a more challenging environment as you progress.

Once the class is completed you will receive a discount on our self service KAYAKOMAT in Lysekil, which is open 24/7.

This is not included:
You may practice "rolling", as a means of capsizing at will, but don´t expect to neither to learn or master that technique after this clinic. That takes a specialized clinic. 
Learning to minimize risks at sea is an ongoing project that is mainly about developing "an eye", based on practice and a lot of experience in various conditions.  

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LOCATION: LYSEKIL, in the Northern Harbour area 
(optional offshore conditions)
Duration: 3 hours  (2.5 hours seated)
Season: July-September 
Level: Novice, beginner or unfamiliar with ocean kayaking

Regular health
16 years

Children No
What’s included:

Clinic leader
K1 solo kayak, spray deck, paddle and life jacket
Padlle jacket
Hot drinks and access to dressing room

What to bring: 

0.5L flask with water
(retainer for glasses)

Language: Either Swedish or English  
Meal: None


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Additional Information

PRELIMINARY BOOKING (i. e minimum no of participants):
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  • The activity will normally start at the Northern Harbour.  
  • After a safety breifing the guide will help you adjust the gear. When all paritcipant's kayaks are launched the guide will present the exercises and off we go to practice.
  • Upon returning everyone will help eachother to rinse the kayaks and hang gear to dry before we debrief and part company.



  • Techniques for boarding and alighting the kayaks
  • Paddle strokes and manouvering sideways
  • Towing another kayak
  • How to behave at sea
  • Techniques for peer rescue
  • Techniques for self rescue


  1. Norra Hamngatan 6, Lysekil