Kayak clinic 1: Basic technique and safety for open water kayaking

From SEK 575

Are you new to open-water kayaking? Do you intend to rent a kayak via our unmanned KAYAKOMAT in Lysekil?

Most people go out when the weather is good, but sometimes the weather changes, quickly and unexpectedly. Then it can be good to have basic knowledge about paddling at sea and how to avoid getting into awkward situations.

This workshop (Kayak clinic #1) is a good preparation for anyone who plans on taking a kayak tour on open waters along the Swedish West Coast. During this kayak clinic, you can repeat basic skills and learn other things that are important to know before paddling among boats, on the open sea, parallel with, and crossing fairways etc.

You will learn how to get in and out of the kayak on different types of beaches, as well as how to carry and handle the kayak on land.
We show you good sitting posture and how to adjust the foot braces and use thigh braces.
You'll learn to maintain your desired course without using a rudder, as well as the most common paddling techniques for moving forward and backwards.
We'll also run through how to make a stop, and how to move sideways.

The most important thing when planning to paddle at sea is that you can assess your own ability to avoid and handle upcoming situations. In this way, you can plan so that you and others you paddle with will have a comfortable and wonderful experience. There are a number of things that you ought to avoid at sea... We will go through that on the course.  

After attending this workshop, you will receive a seasonal discount on our unmanned KAYAKOMAT in Lysekil and can rent a kayak 24/7, i.e. paddle when it suits you. In addition, you will receive advance information when we sell used kayaks, a discount on our other workshops, etc.

Our kayak clinics:
Kayak clinic 1 contains what we consider as minimum requirements for the waters around Lysekil.
Kayak clinic 2 lets you practice self-rescue and peer rescue in calm and more exposed conditions
Kayak clinic 3 aims at making parents more confident to bring their kids along on a kayak trip

From SEK 575

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Learning to minimize risks at sea is an ongoing project that is mainly about developing "an eye", based on practice and a lot of experience in various conditions. This course contains the elements that we consider to be a minimum for paddling on the sea outside Lysekil.


  • Techniques for boarding and disembarking on different types of beaches
  • Kayak equipment, handling and cleaning
  • Paddle forward, backward, sideways and stop
  • Adjusting the course while paddling forward (without a rudder)
  • Seamanship, consideration for others and "reading" the surroundings


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