Kayak clinic 3: Paddling with children, an introduction

From SEK 575

This clinic is in Swedish only  - unless you book a private departure.

This is a good preparation for families aiming at exploring the Swedish West Coast either on their own, or joining a guided family tour. We recommend taking two consecutive classes if you are new to kayaking, as repetition is the mother of learning. 

Our kayak clinics:
Kayak clinic 1 contains what we consider as minimum requirements for the waters around Lysekil.
Kayak clinic 2 lets you practice self-rescue and peer rescue in calm and more exposed conditions.
Kayak clinic 3 aims at making parents more confident to bring their kids along on a kayak trip.

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LOCATION: LYSEKIL, in the Northern Harbour area and the Stångehuvud Nature Reserve           
Duration: 2,5 hours  (2 hours seated)
Season: May-September 
Level: Novice, beginner or unfamiliar with ocean kayaking

Regular health

Children Children age 5-9 yrs, accompanied by at least one adult each. Youth aged 10-15 can share a twin kayak with other youth or another adult.
What’s included:

Guide, seat in a shared K2 kayak, with spray deck, paddle and life jacket.

What to bring: 

(Headgear, sunglasses, retainer for glasses, 0.5L flask with water)

Language: Either Swedish or English  
Meal: None


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From SEK 575

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  • The activity will normally start at the Northern Harbour.  
  • After a safety breifing the guide will help you adjust the gear. When all paritcipant's kayaks are launched you will get a paddle technique crash course and off we go to practice.
  • Upon returning everyone will help eachother to rinse the kayaks and hang gear to dry before we part company.



  • Steady sea-kayaks
  • Techniques for boarding and alighting the kayaks
  • Paddle strokes and manouvering
  • Handling rudder or skeg
  • Towing another kayak
  • How to behave at sea
  • Plannning the kayak trip so that children can enjoy it


  1. Norra Hamngatan 6, Lysekil