Rock Art after dark

From SEK 160

Join us on an exciting ride after dark. Some petroglyphs are best seen when it is dark. Especially the ones that aren't painted. With the right lighting, they can seem to float in the air.
You will learn more about the Bronze Age, when the petroglyphs were made, and about the latest research into the trading contacts and world view of the Bohusländers.

The world heritage site of Tanum (an hour's drive north) is certainly better known, but the petroglyph environment of Backa is unique. Here there are about 30 small and large premises within a small area along the old village road, which is often called the "Via Sacra of the Rocks". Here is the world's earliest documented petroglyph: The Shoemaker. There are also many unusual and some unique motifs here, and along the road there are also a number of outcrops that are not painted.
Lökeberg (in Munkedal) is the largest rock carving panel in this area, and is exceptionally good for visits in the dark.

Guide Wictoria has a keen interest in the Bronze Age and follows current research. With the help of the rock carvings' varied motifs, she gives you an insight into the world of thought, religion and everyday life of Bronze Age people.
  • Must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. At least 4 participants (or a group).
  • The guidance takes place in Swedish or English (with summaries in EN/SV if necessary).
  • The guide has a voice amplifier and will bring several torches and headlights.
  • A wheelchair/stroller ramp leads up to the main panel at Backa, which is surrounded by a wooden deck with seating.
Rock Art - after dark
August-May (time varies, as the sun sets earlier or later)
Place A: Backa, Brastad (Lysekil municipality)
Duration A: 60 min i Backa, ca 90 mins including transp fr Lysekil
Place B:  Lökeberg, Munkedal (occasional)
Duration B:
45 mins at Lökeberg panel, ca 3 hrs including transp fr Lysekil
Children: Recommended from 10 yrs
Included: Hot beverages in Oct-March
Minsta antal: 4 personer, senast 24 timmar innan avgång
Preliminärbokning till dess.

At least 4 booked participants (or a group booking) no later than 24 hours before for the tour to be completed. A maximum of 7 participants per tour can ride with the guide. If you are a group with more participants, contact us.
Can also be booked as "Private tour/viewing" and then there are more options in terms of choice of time, duration, transport etc. Then the activity can also be adapted to children aged 5 and over.

From SEK 160

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A) Arrange your own transportation to the Rock Carvings site.
B) Ride with us to the rock art site. Pick up in Lysekil @Havshotellet and @Anderssons kaj (next to ferry to Fiskebäckskil).
C) Private guided tour
D) Private guided tour with transportation of max 7 persons. Pick up at your hotel in Lysekil, Brastad or Brodalen



  • Some petroglyphs are actually more visible at night than in daylight!
  • Learn more about Scandinavian Rock art and life in Scandinavia during the Bronze Age.
  • Our guide is  up to date on current research on rock carvings and the Bronze Age.


  1. Lysekil
  2. Brastad
  3. Skomakar.n