Kayak: SEAL SAFARI (dressed in dry suits)

From SEK 900

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Slow pace seal spotting tour - 2.5  hrs kayaking

Looking into the big eyes of a seal makes most people feel excited or even blessed. Enjoy the silence, paddeling in slow pace while marveling at the pristine landscape along the Swedish west coast north of Gothenburg.

We launch the kayaks at a place close to a known seal hang-out. Seated in a sturdy kayak wearing a drysuit you will enjoy the winter kayaking experience even more.

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Season: September-May
Recommended for:  

Everyone (Soft Adventure)


Regular health, able to swim 200 meters
13 yrs, min 160 cm tall
(One child, 10 yrs old, min 145 cm tall, is welcome per departure, accompanied by a paying adult)

What’s included:

Guide, seat in a shared K2 tandem kayak, life jacket, spray deck, paddle, drysuit (with optional use of gloves and hood)

What to bring:  Headgear and spare gloves, sunglasses, (retainer for glasses), water flask (to store on top of kayak)

2.5 hours (2 hours seated)

Meal: None, hot beverage is served

Single seating in K1 Kayak


Additional Information

PRELIMINARY BOOKING (i. e minimum no of participants):
If you book this activity now we will charge your credit card once the activity is confirmed by us (Outdoor West). Until then we only authorize the amount on your credit card.
In case of strong wind (+8 MPS), we may either relocate to another area for kayaking, or postpone the tour a few hours. Depending on prevailing weather conditions time and/or location may be subject to change, or the tour may be cancelled altogether. If cancelled, we will reimburse the entire amount, minus a small administration fee. However it is our ambition to offer an alternative activity. For instance, rock climbing if the wind is to hard for kayaking. If so, you will be reimbursed any price difference, except for a small administration fee. Please note that it is always the tour leader/guide of each activity that has the final say, after communication with the participants or group leader.

From SEK 900

+2 Additional options

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As we may have to change location due to prevailing weather conditions you will receive a final notification about the exact meeting point as late ason the day prior to departure.

After a safety demonstration the guide will assist you in fitting the equipment.

When kayaks have been launched and everyone is seated you will have an introduction to basic paddle techniques.
As we approach the seal area it is important to whisper and move slowly. We aim at coming in with the wind and current from the right direction enabling us to glide through at a respectful distance.

After placing the kayaks on the rack we end the tour with some stretching, depbriefing and a smile.

Soft adventure

We have planned the tour so that previous experience of kayaking is not necessary. Safety, comfort and enjoyment are our guiding principles as we plan and implement our tours. In the winter months, the pace is even slower in order to avoid sweating and thus getting cold.

Dry suits

When making the booking we will ask about your length and shoe size in order to make reservations for a drysuit in approprate size.

You will receive a pdf with useful information about what to wear under the drysuit. Kayaking in temperatures down to minus 8-10 degrees (no wind) works fine with normal gear, even for beginners. This we know from our own experience.



  • Comfortable drysuit is included with optional gloves and hood 
  • Stable sea-kayaks let you enjoy the ride
  • Certified guide
  • Good opportunities for seal spotting
  • Soft Adventure in slow pace = time to relax and enjoy


  1. 6, Norra Hamngatan, Lysekil