As we are a part time operation we have limited opening hours

Our main focus is guided tours and family activities, running on a weekly basis on a specific day and time (scheduled departures). We have a limited capcity to host extra activities, would you find it hard to find your choise of activity on a time convenient to you. Please send us a query and we will do our best to meet your demand.

Bikes and kayaks can be rented. We strongly advise you to book in advance, no later than 6.30 PM on the evening before.)

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OPEN in Norra Hamnen, Lysekil  - AUGUST 13th 2018 - April 2019:

09.00-10.00 Saturdays and Sundays (provided there are pre-booked rentals to be picked up, or guests for a guided tour/activity starting at 10)


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Embark on your journey to Bohuslän here, to make the most of your trip to the Swedish West Coast. Join us on a seal safari in a sea kayak a calm day in February, or take a boat trip a sunny summer evening.

How about combining cooking and eating newly harvested blue mussels with a sunset kayak tour?

We'll bring you adventures at sea and on land!

We'll bring you the best of Bohuslan and West Sweden!!!

Outer archipelago with Outdoor West Sweden



We at Outdoor West love to share with our guests the best we know: Bohuslän's nature och culture

That is the reason why we would like to share with you more fun things to do; places of interest, activities and adventures from other suppliers than ourselves. See Book other activities. You can find activities by location or a certain date.



LYSEKIL: västkustens outdoordestination


Outdoor West is a ‘soft adventure’ company based in Lysekil that offers guided and self-guided sea kayaking and rock climbing trips here on the west coast, mixed with local history and culture.

So, as well as kayaking among the islands and skerries of the beautiful Bohuslän archipelago, you also learn about the history, culture and the people of the west coast of Sweden and its islands.

We have been doing guided eco friendly sea kayak tours in Lysekil since 2005. After several years of searching we have finally found a warehose/store in a suitable location, in Lysekil's Norhern Harbour.

Welcome to our warehouse, but please note that we have very limited opening hours  at the ware house, so we strongly recommend you to make an online resrevation for rental equipment etc. or set up an appointment.

"enjoying the ride more important than performing"

Our ambition is for everyone to be able to participate, no matter previous experience. And you don't have to be well exercised either our used to outdoor life.

SOFT ADVENTURE  -  Previous experience is not required. Low pace and equipment suitable for beginners and intermediate level.

EVENT  -  Corporate events, stag and hen nights, a group of peers, colleagues or friends. We have a few suggestions, and we are open for inquiries. 

FAMILY FUN  -  Activities for families with young children, activities for kids only, or family adventures with discounted family prices, and activities where three or more generations can participate together.

Outdoor West Sweden - outdoor activities between sea and sky

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A winter season kayak tour with guide in the Lysekil archipelago that can be magical! Imagine a seal splashing behind the kayak, crystal clear waters and no noise! Enjoy the silence and marvel at the pristine landscape of the Swedish west coast. The 25 km long Gullmarsfjord may freeze in January and February, but the mouth of the fjord is ice free 51 weeks a year. And going thru thin sheets of ice on a sunny day is a marvellous experience. This time of the year, activity is low in the archipelagos surrounding Lysekil, a small town on the west coast of Sweden. Time to unwind and recharge your batteries. A stable sea kayak and dry suit make you enjoy the moment even more! Fishermen? The guide will take you to the Nature Reserves surronding the town of Lysekil. Here you can enjoy the silence and have some time for mindfulness excersices. Some times a curious seal will follow our tracks - observing the sea kayaks and paddlers. Hence the name of the tour, Fishermen and friends. Humans, seals and the marine life. The guide will tell you more during the tour. And during a short break on some distant isle you will be served fish soup while stretching your legs.   LOCATION: LYSEKIL            Gullmarsfjorden Season: October-April Recommended for:   Everyone (Soft Adventure) Requirements: Regular health, able to swim 200 meters What’s included: Guide, seat in a shared K2 kayak, outdoor meal, drysuit (with optional use of gloves and hood) What to bring:  Headgear, reinforcement garments and gloves for the break, sunglasses, (retainer for glasses), drink (to store on top of kayak) Duration: 4 hours total (2,5 hours seated in the kayak) Price: SEK 1.095                    Optional: Single seating in K1 Kayak Drybag for phone and keys Drybag for reinforcement clothing Extras: Sauna upon return Havets Hus Sea Aquarium (entry)  

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