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Sea kayaking, MTB/cycling and rock climbing in Lysekil.

Lysekil is a pretty west coast town dating from the 1500s. A former spa resort for well-heeled Swedes, these days it is a popular seaside resort for its relaxed atmosphere, seaside location, seafood restaurants and trips to the Bohuslän archipelago. And outdoor activities.

Outdoor West Sweden is a ‘soft adventure’ company based in Lysekil that offers guided and self-guided ‘themed’ sea kayaking and rock climbing trips here on the west coast, mixed with local history and culture. So, as well as kayaking  among the islands and skerries of the beautiful Bohuslän archipelago, you also learn about the history, culture and the people of the west coast of Sweden and its islands.

You don’t even have to be an experienced kayaker or climber to enjoy the trips. All participants get a run-through of the various techniques and safety instructions before heading out. A basic level of fitness and the ability to swim and you are good to go. Some activites are extra family oriented.

All regular tours/activites have scheduled departues and are booked online, Would you instead prefer a customized adventure? We offer private guided tours and group activites.

Our motto: "When enjoying the moment is more important than going fast or far"

Welcome to Lysekil and OUTDOOR WEST SWEDEN !

Wictoria Insulán & Fredrik Lundqvist


Outdoor destination of West Sweden: Lysekil


Re. Corona virus/COVID-19:

Lysekil has, so far, very few cases of the virus, and then amoung an elderly population. Swedish authorities has not put a ban on outdoor activities as exercise and fresh air is essential to the overall wellbeing. So, Outdoor West Sweden may still offer selected activities during April and May 2020. But (in accordance with ban on social gatherings on groups of 10 or more) we have limited  the number of participants to 7 on our trips until further notice.

You may participate in our activites:

  • If you have been free of symptoms the last 14 days and had such a limited number of social contacts that you are sure that all of them are also free of symptoms as per the day of participation.
  • If you are 69 years old or younger

However: All guests (and activity leaders) must observe a distance to other people, preferably 1,5-2 meters (unless it is absolutely necessary). 

  • You can book a separate activity for your own family/group in order not to mix with others.



Upcoming trips/guided tours this (and following) week(s):

Comfortable, yet challenging

- at a level adequate to you(r group). Equipment suited for beginners.

Groups and events

Corporate events, club and school trips, hen and stag nights, birthdays, work mates etc.


Children, families and 3 Generations

Activities for 3Gs, children with adults and youth on their own.

Kayak with guide or on your own

We have guided kayak tours all year, beginner friendly kayaks, dry suits etc.

All year KAYAK


Rent a bike, join a guided tour, ride along the coast or in Lysekil town.

All year BIKE


Try sport climbing, bouldering and scrambling - or book a combo.

Fishermen, Stone masons, Herring heritage - all in Lysekil's coat of arms

Most of our activities have names that mirrors the overall theme or a specific aspect of a tour. The names allude to local crafts, industries and modes of surviving along this rugged coast line; such as Herring heritage, Beach dweller, Curbstone, Stone Mason and Cobbler.

This is our way of celebrating our industrious predecessors and a way to help guests to distinguish between similar activites. 

Winter kayaking: SEAL SAFARI

Slow pace seal spotting tour - 3  hrs kayaking. Looking into the big eyes of a seal makes most people feel excited or even blessed. Enjoy the silence, paddeling in slow pace while marveling at the pristine landscape along the Swedish west coast north of Gothenburg. We launch the kayaks at a place close to a known seal hang-out. Seated in a sturdy kayak wearing a drysuit you will enjoy the winter kayaking experience even more. This 3 hrs tour normally runs Sundays, but during the school holidays in November, February and April we have added a few extra week day departures imainly intended for families. Please click BOOK NOW! to see dates, time and prices for various bookable departures   (or book a Private tour) Can also be booked at a different time than our scheduled departures. When booking "Private tour" there are more options, for example in terms of choice of time, duration, transport, overall theme, outdoor cooking etc. For other bookable guided kayak tours, click here  LOCATION: LYSEKIL             Season: November - March Recommended for:   Everyone (Soft Adventure) Requirements: Regular health, able to swim 200 meters 13 yrs, min 160 cm tall (Weekdays during February and April school holidays, 140 cm will be the requierd length on children accompanied by a paying adult) What’s included: Guide, seat in a shared K2 kayak, life jacket, spray deck, paddle, drysuit (with optional use of gloves and hood) What to bring:  Headgear and spare gloves, sunglasses, (retainer for glasses), water flask (to store on top of kayak) Duration: 3 hours (2,5 hours seated) Meal: None Add-on: Single seating in K1 Kayak  

FromSEK 900
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Introduction to Mountainbike cycling. Small group. Slow pace. On this tour the guide takes you over crags and thru forests on gravel roads, footpaths and off-road trails. The nature around Lysekil is very diverse and you will be amazed. Soft adventure in a leisurely pace to let you take in the beauty of central Bohuslän. feel free to bring extra drink and a snack or similar for the mid time break.  Click the BOOK NOW! button to see dates, times and price categories for different departures. There will be no binding booking until check-out is complete. When booking, you also select the size of the bike. If there are no bikes of the correct size to book, it is full at that particular departure. (Alternative: book a Private MTB Tour) Minimum number of participants is required on some departures. The booking amount will be reserved from your debit card, but the amount will not be deducted until we confirm your booking. Then a PDF ticket will be sent via email. Area: LYSEKIL    Season: March-December Duration: 2 hrs (8.15 kms) Recuriements: Min 12 yrs, min 155 cm tall No previous MTB experience required Included: Guide, MTB bike, helmet, vest, water bottle 0.5L Bring: You might want to bring a back pack for headgear, sun glasses, (spare) clothes, refreshments or a snack. Meal: No

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Climb and scramble: BEACH DWELLER - a family adventure

Work together as a team and support one another as you leave your normal comfort zone. You will walk horizontally on a narrow shelf and climb vertically up waterfront crag. Support your family members and friends when leaving their normal comfort zone. We start with a physically demanding walk and scramble along the beach before reaching our via ferrata (corda). We wrap up this activity by letting those who whish have a go at climbing a crag belayed on top rope by our activity leader. Clic the button BOOK NOW! to se dates, departure time and price categories for various departures. There will be no binding booking until check-out is completed. LOCATION: Trellebystrand, 4 km from central Lysekil Season: May-September Participants:   3-73 yrs, healthy knees and feet Requirements: God shoes with hard soles that stays tight on the foot during the scrambling part of the tour. Included: Guide, harness, helmet (shoes for top rope climbing part) What to bring:  (water, packpack as you may need both hands to hold tight or assist your children/friends)  Duration: 2 hours Language: Bilingual Swedish/English  

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Sea kayak: PRIVATE Trip

Time to unwind and recharge your batteries - or speed up and challange your friends. Our PRIVATE TOURS start where and when you prefer.  Our guide will escort you to the  nicest beaches, the narrowest passages and the best places to watch birdlife or seals. Feel free to get inspiration from our regular tours and make it a special occasion for you and your friends/family/workgroup etc. Use K2 tandem or K1 single kayaks.  However, a stable sea kayak and dry suit during the winter months October- mid May makes you enjoy the moment even more! NB! We need your booking inquiry at lest 48 hrs prior to your ETD.  

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Private group: Introduction to Rock Climbing (granite)

Introduction to top rope climbing on Bohuslän granite crags. During 2 hours you will learn basics about equipment and rudimentary technique. Depending on group (size (and the location) you will be able to make 2-4 ascents on climbing routes of higher and higher level of difficulty. Ideal for groups of 3-4 persons. If you are more than 6 persons you might consider to add another 10 minutes per participant so that everyone is able to make at least 2-3 ascents. We provide: Climbing activity guide/leader who makes the belay Harness Helmet Climbing shoes 

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Departures (time and day of the week) may vary depending on the season. 

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If an activity is cancelled by us (due to unsuitable weather conditions), we will reimburse the entire amount, minus a small administration fee. However it is our ambition to offer an alternative activity. For instance, rock climbing if the wind is to hard for kayaking. If so, you will be reimbursed any price difference, except for a small administration fee. (terms and conditions)

On some tours there will be a minimum number of booked guests in order for the tour to run. In such a case the amount will be reserved from your card, but it will not be charged until the required number of guests have booked.

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