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The province Bohuslän is perfect for adventurous excursions at sea and on land. The area around Lysekil offers rich local history, and seafood culture. OUTDOOR WEST SWEDEN arranges comfortable and at the same time challenging experiences at the level you desire, under safe conditions. 

Lysekil is located 2.5 hours drive south of Oslo in Norway. Central Gothenburg, the capital of the Swedish West Coast, is only 90 minutes away by car.

Bus #841 from Göteborg's Nils Ericssonterminalen takes but 2 hours to Lysekil Södra Hamnen. 

Bike trips with guide

MTB or Gravel bike trips & workshops. Guided trips with ordinary and e-bikes. Stunning seascapes & inland routes.

For novices or beginners or intermediate. 2-4 hours. learn more & book

CLIMB with guide

Introduction to top rope climbing (outdoors). From 3 yrs, when together with an adult. Workshops & groups.

COMBOS: Walk&Scramble, Scramble&Climb learn more & book

Kayak trips with guide

City paddling with open sea 3 hrs * Seal safari (min 10 yrs) 3 hrs * Family trip 2hrs * Trips with outdoor meal 4-6 hours

DRYSUIT included: mid Oct-mid May learn more & book

Find activities

Bookable activities by week:

Tip: use landscape mode when looking at the calendar. (This is a selection only. To see the full range of activities, please look at the monthly calendars at the bottom of each of the bike, climb and kayak pages respectively).




Ramble, trek, march, or pace over crags and on trails. Brisk walks or leisurely strolling through streets.

Let your ambition, mood and interests guide your choice:

Guided city walks, bike & minivan trips

Visit culturally interesting places, quarries, industrial sites, caves, hillforts etc., with an authorized guide.

Rock art excursions all year learn more & book

our range of activities varies, with the season and the weather

Lysekil is exposed to the sea. That gives you great opportunities to get out into the outer archipelago. But, it also means that we are dependent on 'suitable weather'.

Hence we constantly ADAPT our range of scheduled, bookable activities a few days ahead. This means that more departures may be added. Some activities may get their departure time changed or be cancelled altogether, due to wind speed, direction, rain or other reasons.

So don't wait until the last minute to book. If we have no previous reservations, we may close the whole day for new bookings and take the day off. 

Prices may vary depending on your choice of day of the week and start time.


soft adventure

If you have no previous experience, join one of our guided tours by kayak, bike or one of our climbing activities for "regular people".

You don't need to be fit or used to outdoor life. We normally keep a fairly slow pace with lots of breaks. Activity duration is usually 2-4 hours. Our equipment is tailored to the needs of the beginner.


Are you looking for a more specialized activity for a small or large group with varying prior knowledge?

If you want to do a specific activity at a time that suits your group/family etc, take a look at our page for events and group activities.


Family fun

Would you like to do something fun with your family, or with your grandchildren? We have activities designed for children and their families. 

Some activities are open to youths, either 10 or 12 years old. On most departures, they must be accompanied by an adult, but on a few of our climbing and biking activities, we welcome youths (age 10 or 12) without adult company.

Click the BOOK NOW button, and then click the date in the calendar. On the selected date you will see if it is possible to select a category for youths, children or dogs on that particular day.

If you want the guide for your family/group exclusively, choose the option "group with private departure" when booking a scheduled activity. If you have several or very young children, please contact us well in advance, and we will arrange a "Private tour".

Baderskan, Sillstryparen, Fiskaren, Stenhuggaren m fl

Strange names?

Several of our activities have names that may seem strange at first. However, they reflect the theme of the activity.

We find it important to honour our local history, hence we name our activities after local industries and events, e.g. Herring heritage, Curbstone, Beach Dweller etc.

Our hope is also that the names may help you to distinguish between similar activities with partly the same profile and create fond memories.


Tip 1: if it's not raining, but very windy

Windy days we add extra climbing sessions, if crags are dry enough.

"Scramble to the hill fort" or "Beach dweller" Book climbing

tip 2: if it's raining OR windy

Check out our bike trips. Or visit some culturally interesting places, rock carvings or inland forests or hillforts.

Guided city walks & tours by bike or car. LYSEKILGUIDE

tip 3: if it's raining AND windy

MTB and Gravel trips can run as long as there is no thunderstorm. Rock carvings look their best when they are wet.

Check out the bike trips Guided tours by car/minivan
Wictoria, Fredrik and our daughter in climber's paradise Kalymnos, Greece.

Welcome to Lysekil!

Wictoria Insulán och  Fredrik Lundqvist


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On-site bookings will be subject to a booking fee. 

All activities & trips are booked online, in advance:

  • LOW SEASON - at least 24 hours before departure

  • PEAK SEASON - at least 2 hours before departure (July 10th - August 10th)

  • On-site bookings will be subject to a booking fee, as we run a cash-free operation



You can always log in to our website to get a copy of your lost ticket/voucher.


  • Free cancellation up to one week before booked departure. (Two weeks for group bookings, more than 7 people or so-called private departure. See full terms and conditions.
  • If we, the organizer, cancel an activity/trip due to unsuitable weather: We will offer an alternative activity the same day or rebook the same activity to a later date. See more info on each activity's product description.


What if you can't find a bookable activity on the day and time you want?  Are there not a sufficient number of bookable places?

There are several reasons:

  • We have not planned such activity that specific day
  • Activity/trip is cancelled due to another booking using the same guide
  • A certain trip or price category is fully booked

The solution may then be to book a "Private Tour/Activity".