Bike GRAVEL 3hrs: "IT ROCKS" - variation of road surfaces, seascapes & landscapes. Social gravel/level 1

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During almost three hours we ride the countryside on roads less used by cars, through small forests on pathways, across smooth granite slabs and a lot on gravel routes. We stop to take in the stunning seascapes while getting acquainted with riding on various substrates.

Workshop: How to enhance your everyday cycling

Have you considered riding a bike to work, or use your bicycle more in your everyday life? Many start cycling to reduce their climate impact. Others cycle to increase their well-being or for the sake of exercise.

In our experience the best way to make cycling a normal part of everyday life is to make cykling more enjoyable. One way to get there can be to set realistic goals, and to vary one's choice of path, so that aesthetic qualities (e.g. sound, light, vegetation and variation) contribute to a higher quality of life.
Our goal is to inspire and provide tips so you may set and achieve your own goals.

How it works

We start by adjusting the bikes so that everyone sits comfortably. Of course, we'll run through how to use different speeds and brakes, but also how you, as a beginner, can think about attacking uphills, setting goals, etc.

Participants' whishes, level of fitness/proficency and the prevailing ground conditions will determine where we decide to ride on a given day. Hence the substrates, distance and height vary from time to time. We take breaks when necessary, and finish with simple bike maintenance. Three hours  from gathering until we part company.

GRAVEL bike?

You can use your own bike or one of our GRAVEL bikes. These are suitable for work commuting or longer exercise rides, as they allow variation between different surfaces (asphalt, gravel, trail).

All training is more fun in a group. That's why we offer a few seats on most departures for those who want to participate with their own bike (tire width at least 35 mm).

Check availability/book:

  1. Click the button BOOK NOW! to see available dates.
  2. Click on the desired day in the calendar, and selectable times/departures will appear.
  3. Click on the desired departure time to see the availability of bikes with different frame sizes and price/price categories for each departure. There will be no binding booking until your payment is completed.

Minimum # of participants 

  • 3 participants (full amount) are required for us to carry out the activity.
  • If you book for 1 or 2 people, the following will happen: The booking amount will be reserved from your payment card, but we will not pick up the amount until the minimum number is reached (no later than 24 hours before the start). Only then will you receive a booking confirmation and a PDF ticket via email.
Would you like to participate as a group, using your own bikes, select "Private departure, using your own bikes".


Bikeworkshop/trip: Versatile GRAVEL biking, level 1

Area: LYSEKIL   Stångenäset peninsula or Skaftö island
Season: All year
Duration: 3 hrs (30 to 60 kms)
Level: Beginner/intermediate (not novice to cykling though)
Guest recuriements:

Be able to ride a bike in mixed traffic.
Min 12 yrs, min 160cm tall.

Some of the departures may have a 16-year age limit.

Included: Guide, GRAVEL bike, helmet, reflex vest
(if needed, a lamp will be worn on the helmet)
Bring: A water flask to hydrate (preferably 1.0L) and a backpack.
Possibly: headgear, sunglasses, gloves, extra garments to wear during breaks, fika/snacks
What to wear: Comfy shoes with rubber soles or biking shoes.
Padded bike shorts/leggings are convenient.
We have limited access to dressing rooms. 
Rain/wind: We run the workshop even if it rains and is moderately windy. In case of wind strength around 15 m/s, we will take contact with registered participants the evening before the activity.
Dressing room/
You can use our staff toilet for changing.
Public toilet with shower is located across the street from us. (paid via app)
Sauna: A sauna by the sea can be found in Lysekil's Kallbadhus, about a 10-minute' walk from us. 
See link for opening hours etc.  Choose Add-on for Sauna (prior to check-out when making your reservation) and we will purchase access to the sauna for you.
Meal: Not included
Language: English and Swedish
Number of guests: Min. 4 persons, max. 6 (8, if max 4 participate with their own bikes)
For larger groups, please contact us well in advance.
Meeting point: 6 Norra Hamngatan (in Lysekil's Northern Harbour) (pls arrive 5 mins in advance)
Parking: Alas, it's only 2 hrs near our premises. We recommend Drottninggatan 4, 300 meters SW.


Cancellation policy:
Brief on refunds
Individual participants (max 7 persons) except those having booked a "Private departure" may cancel as late as one week prior to activity start.
NB! When booking a "Private departure" any cancellations must be made 14 days proir to start.
Re-booking: We can help you reschedule a trip or replace it with another of our activities, provided you contact us no later than 48 hours prior to original departure time.
If the organizer need to cancel a booked departure, e.g. due to the weather etc.: Depending on the weather conditions, e.g. risk of thunder or persistent rain and/or wind, a guided bike tour may have to be postponed (very rarely earlier)  for all participants to be able to participate and feel safe/comfortable.
We will contact our booked participants, who can choose between postponing the booked activity to a later date, or participating in an alternative activity, such as a cave walk or rock carvings/petroglyph safari. Any difference will be refunded.
If we cannot agree on a reasonable compensation alternative, you will get back the amount paid, minus an administration fee of SEK 100.

From SEK 750

+2 Additional options

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We start in the Northern Harbour, at 6 Norra Hamnen by familiarizing ourselves with the bikes; how to shift speed, use the breaks and making the necessary adjustments to the saddle etc.
We always adapt the tour according to the participants' previous experience and your current state. Depending on the weather and the time of day, we will choose different surfaces and areas to cycle in. Thus, the distance can vary between 3 and 6 miles.
Areas: Stångenäs peninsula with Lyse peninsula or possibly on Skaftölandet island/Bokenäs penisula.


Be inspired to use your bike more often
Reduce your climate footprint
Open your mind and increase your quality of life 


  1. 6, Norra Hamngatan, Lysekil