Kayak trip 3hrs: URBAN WILDERNESS (dressed in drysuits)

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Enjoy the beautiful granite crags that surround lovely Lysekil also during the quiet season.

Our guide will tell you tales from Lysekil's past and present and stop at regular intervals to let participants have a rest and to enjoy the silence. You will be introduced to paddling at the fringe of one of the world’s most beautiful archipelagos (according to a recent CNN Traveler listing).

Beginners and complete novices are welcome.
Dressed in a comfy drysuit (October-May), sitting in a steady tandem sea kayak you can enjoy the seascape. The guide will help you fit the equipment, help you onboard and assist your alighting, if you want. After a  safety instruction and an introduction to paddle technique you are good to go.

Exact location will vary.
As the passage around Stångehuvud is very exposed, we will somtimes have to adapt to the weather conditions on the day of departure.  Most days we use our regular landing place in Norra Hamnen, buton occasion we will start in Södra Hamnen instead. Depending on the weather and the group's composition and prior knowledge, the guide may also suggest that we paddle further away from the mainland, into the archipelago.

(dressed in dry suits)

Area: LYSEKIL  We paddle the area between the North and South Harbours, i.e. probably through the Stångehuvud nature reserve, or further out into the western or northern archipelago, if the weather permits.
Season: October-May, usually Fridays and Saturdays
Duration: 3 hours   from gathering until we part, i.e. including changing, security briefing, etc
About 2 hours in the kayak, without going ashore. 
Level: Novice/Beginner and intermediate
Guest recuriements: Able to swim 200 m
Normal health; i.e. no known problems with cold or sitting still, e.g. circulation or breathing problems etc.
Max 100kg and/or 195cm (Length and weight limited by dry suits and cockpit size and possible leg length.) Able to swim 200 m
Youth: From 12 years and at least 160 cm, on some departures, usually Saturday AM.
On the departures where young people participate, the paddling distance may have to be shortened if they cannot paddle as far as adults. It may also be relevant to shorten the time if it is cold. For more trips for youths in October-May, see Seal safari.
Included: Guide, paddle, life jacket and canopy/spray deck.
Place in a stable tandem kayak (K2), shared with another participant. In case of an odd number of participants, one of the participants paddles with the guide.
Drysuit: Premium quality drysuit from Ursuit (is included in the price from mid October-mid May) with wetsuit gloves and shoes in neoprene.
Bring: Warm gloves to wear before and after the tour.
Your own luke warm/hot water/tea to hydrate (0.3-0.5L). Your water bottle can be attached with elastic cords to the top of the kayak.
Waterproof bag, if you are going to bring your phone or camera.
Possibly: headgear, sunglasses, gloves,  snacks for quick energy (especially for kids).
What to wear: Come changed, in wool or synthetic underwear closest to the body. Woolen socks.
The colder the weather, the more and thicker layers of underwear. (Air insulates)
Avoid hoods and zips around the neck.
Bring an extra buff and a pair of warm gloves/mitts to wear until we get into the kayaks.
Rain/wind: We run the tour even if it rains lightly or is moderately windy, but then the possibility of seeing seals decreases.
In case of wind strength around 6-8 m/s, we make contact with registered participants the evening before the activity. Depending on wind direction and temperature, the tour may be cancelled, especially if children are registered.
Dressing room/
Not available when starting at Bastiviksholmarna. Come dressed in your underwear, and you will don the drysuit sitting in our minivan.
Public toilets are few in the archipelago. Makes sure to take care of business before arriving to the meeting point.
Sauna: A sauna by the sea can be found in Lysekil's Kallbadhus, about 10 minutes' walk from us. 
See link for opening hours etc.  Choose Add-on for Sauna (prior to check-out, when making your reservation) and we will purchase access to the sauna for you.
Meal: Not included, however hot beverage will be served during the trip.
Language: English and swedish
Number of guests: Min. 4 persons, max. 8
For larger groups, please contact us well in advance.
Meeting point: Norra Hamngatan 6, Lysekil Norra hamnen (arrive 5 minutes before start)
(If we need to change the meeting place due to the weather, you will receive a "Google map pin" with the exact location the night before the trip.)
Parking: We recommend downloading the Easy Park app (from Google Play or App store) and setting up an account prior to arrival.

Single seating in K1 Kayak

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  2. Click on the desired day in the calendar, and selectable times/departures will appear.
  3. Click on the desired departure time to see the availability of bikes with different frame sizes and price/price categories for each departure. There will be no binding booking until your payment is completed.

Minimum # of participants 

  • 4 participants (paying full amount) are required for us to carry out the activity.
  • If you book for 1-3 people, the following will happen: Your ticket will have a water stamp "Reservation". The booking amount will be reserved from your payment card, but we will not collect the amount until the minimum number is reached (no later than 24 hours before the start). Only then will you receive a booking confirmation and a PDF ticket via email.
  • By booking "Mini Group", you can ensure that the activity is carried out on the day and time you book, even though you/you are only one or two people. If more participants book, and participate, we will, after completed activity, credit the difference.
Cancellation policy:
Brief on refund
Individual participants (max 7 persons) except those having booked a "Private departure" may cancel as late as one week prior to activity start.
NB! When booking a "Private departure" or "minigroup" any cancellations must be made 14 days proir to start.
Re-booking: We can help you to reschedule a trip or replace it with another of our activities, provided you contact us no later than 48 hours prior to original departure time.
If the organizer need to cancel a booked departure, e.g. due to the weather etc.: Depending on the weather conditions, e.g. risk of thunder or persistent rain and/or wind, a guided bike tour may have to be postponed (very rarely earlier) in order for all participants to be able to participate and feel safe/comfortable.
We will contact our booked participants, who can choose between postponing the booked activity to a later date, or participating in an alternative activity, such as a cave walk or rock carvings/petroglyph safari. Any difference will be refunded.
If we cannot agree on a reasonable compensation alternative, you will get back the amount paid, minus an administration fee of SEK 50.


From SEK 3'200

+2 Additional options

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  • The tour will normally start at the Northern Harbour. Please come some 10-15 minutes ahead of time so that we can try out your gear. We paddle at a leisurely pace towards Stångehuvud's nature reserve. If the weather permits, we continue towards the Havsbadet area and the Southern Harbour.
  • Should we need to change the launching location due to the wind direction, registered participants will be informed and we will assist with the transport of kayaks and / or participants. In the event of a strong wind, "wrong" direction or rough seas ithe tour may be redirected to the Saltö fjord towards Valbodalen.
  • On rare occasions, weather permitting and participants willing, we explore the archipelago NW of Lysekil's Northern Harbour.
  • After a safety breifing the guide will help you adjust the gear. When all paritcipant's kayaks are launched you will get a paddle technique crash course and off we go.
  • Upon returning everyone will help eachother to rinse the kayaks and hang gear to dry before we part company.

Soft adventure

We have planned the tour so that previous experience of kayaking is not necessary. Safety, comfort and enjoyment are our guiding principles as we plan and execute our tours. .



  • Steady sea-kayaks let you enjoy the ride
  • Paddling to and around Stångehuvud Nature Reserve*
  • Paddle through thin sheats of ice* (January & February)
*= wind (direction/speed) and wave situation permitting
The city of Lysekil looks most beautiful from the sea. Welcome to join us!


  1. Norra Hamngatan 6, Lysekil