KAYAKING for families, an introduction

This activity is in Swedish only  - unless you book a private departure.

This is a good preparation for families aiming at exploring the Swedish West Coast either on their own, or joining a guided faily tour. However, we strongly urge to take two consecutive classes, as repetition is the mother of learning. 

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LOCATION: LYSEKIL, in the Northern Harbour area and the Stångehuvud Nature Reserve           
Season: May-September 
Recommended for:   Families

Regular health

Children Children age 5-9 yrs, accompanied by at least one adult each. Youth aged 10-15 can share a twin kayak with other youth or another adult.
What’s included:

Guide, seat in a shared K2 kayak, with spray deck, paddle and life jacket.

What to bring: 

(Headgear, sunglasses, retainer for glasses, 0.5L flask with water)

Duration: 2,5 hours  (2 hours seated)
Language: Either Swedish or English  
Meal: None

Single seating in K1 Kayak

Opitonal:         Bring your own ocean kayak 



Additional Information

PRELIMINARY BOOKING (i. e minimum no of participants):
In case of strong wind (+8 MPS), we may either relocate to another area for kayaking, or postpone the tour a few hours. Depending on prevailing weather conditions time and/or location may be subject to change, or the tour may be cancelled altogether. If cancelled, we will reimburse the entire amount, minus a small administration fee. However it is our ambition to offer an alternative activity. For instance, rock climbing if the wind is to hard for kayaking. If so, you will be reimbursed any price difference, except for a small administration fee. Please note that it is always the tour leader/guide of each activity that has the final say, after communication with the participants or group leader.
  • The activity will normally start at the Northern Harbour. Please come 10 minutes ahead of time so that we can try out your gear. 
  • Would we need to change the launching location due to the wind direction, registered participants will be informed and we will assist with transport of kayaks and / or participants.
  • After a safety breifing the guide will help you adjust the gear. When all paritcipant's kayaks are launched you will get a paddle technique crash course and off we go to practice.
  • Upon returning everyone will help eachother to rinse the kayaks and hang gear to dry before we part company.

Soft adventure

We have planned the tour so that previous experience of kayaking is not necessary. Safety, comfort and enjoyment are our guiding principles as we plan and execute our tours. .



  • Steady sea-kayaks
  • Techniques for boarding and alighting the kayaks
  • Paddle strokes and manouvering
  • Handling rudder or skeg
  • Towing another kayak
  • How to behave at sea
  • Plannning the kayak trip so that children can enjoy it


  1. Norra Hamngatan 6, Lysekil