Hike and climb: SCRAMBLING +++

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Scrambling +++  (extra everything)
Hiking and scrambling in nature typical to Bohuslän takes you to the summit with a spectacular veiw. After a lunch break you will get an introduction to top rope climbing.

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LOCATION: 10-15 mns off central Lysekil
Season: April-November
What to bring:  Hiking shoes with hard soles that stays tight on the foot during the scrambling part of the tour. Packpack (water, snack)
Requirements: Regular health and fitness, no knee or feet issues.
Children/youth 3-15 yrs are welcome June-Aug.
What’s included: Guide, climbing shoes, helmet, harness, rope etc.
Outdoor lunch with beverage.
Duration: 4 hours total 
Price: SEK 900 (adult, or group price)
Family prices apply June-Aug


  • Scrambling is "a walk up steep terrain involving the use of one's hands". It is an ambiguous term that lies somewhere between hiking, hillwalking and rock climbing.
  • Please make sure to wear clothes and sturdy shoes suitable for terrain and a short walk among lush vegetation. Equipment for the Top rope climbing part of the activity is provided by the tour operator.  
Soft adventure
This is an activity with a low to medium level of difficulty. We have planned the tour with families in mind. If you suffer from vertigo there is always an optional route ahead. No previous climbing experience needed, but we assume regular helth and fitness level, but your knees and feet joints must be up to the job.
Safety, comfort and delight are key words when we organise our activities.
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As we may have to change location due to prevailing weather conditions you will receive a notification about the exact meeting point on the day prior to departure.

Upon arrival you will be asked to complete your trip paperwork and sign a release.

After a safety demonstration the guide will assist you in fitting the equipment.

When kayaks have been launched and everyone is seated you will have an introduction to basic paddle techniques.

The guide will stop at regual intervals to tell you about the fishermen and the marine life.

At lunch time we will alight the kayaks to strech the legs and you will be served a hot soup.

Upon returning you will feel energized and more confident in the kayak, and the guide can assist you in improving your paddle skills.

After placing the kayaks on the rack we end the tour with some stretching and a smile.

Soft adventure

We have planned the tour so that previous experience of kayaking is not necessary. Safety, comfort and enjoyment are our guiding principles as we plan and implement our tours. In the winter months, the pace is even slower to avoid sweating, thus getting cold.

What if? How about?

We will contact you about your measurements in order to allocate the best fitting drysuit. 

You will receive a .pdf with useful information about what to wear under the drysuit, and what might be suitable to bring in terms of extra layer to wear during the meal break. Kayaking in temperatures down to minus 10 degrees works fine with our normal gear, even for beginners. This we know from our own experience.

In case of strong wind (+8 MPS), we may either change area for kayaking, or postpone the tour a few hours.

Depending on prevailing weather conditions time and/or location may be subject to change, or the tour cancelled altogether, or we will offer you an alternative activity. It is always the tour leader/guide of each activity that has the final say, after communication with the participants or group leader.


  • Try Scrambling
  • Introduction to Top rope climbing
  • Hiking in rough terrain
  • Outdoor lunch with spectacular veiw


  1. 6, Norra Hamngatan, Lysekil